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The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise System is a web-based, enterprise-class solution for managing organization-wide diversity programs. Governments process information with a few clicks of the mouse, and vendors self-manage their accounts through simple web-based forms, which integrate seamlessly with government databases and reports.

This system is accessible to all governments and their contractors; and includes the following key features:
  • Track contracts and DBE compliance.
  • Communicate with contractors by email and fax.
  • Contractors respond to information requests online by submitting data in standardized, electronic format.
  • Real-time assessment of contractor performance.
  • Automatic audit and verification notices.
  • Track certification applications from submission to completion.
  • Contact firms quickly using sophisticated outreach tools.
  • Search the online business directory with keyword and commodity code (NIGP, NAICS) search capabilities.
  • Flexible reporting and data management capabilities.
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